A Fond Farewell to a Piece of 1767's History

We started 1767 out of necessity. 

We've told the story many times over the years, but for our new followers, it goes like this:

Back in 2014, our founder Patrick and his now-wife Jenny needed a coffee table for their first Nashville apartment. Patrick was in the midst of job-hunting, feeling a little bit lost about his future (in the way that you do in your mid-twenties), and decided that instead of buying an expensive new coffee table, he would make one himself, save some money, and work on something with his hands to clear his mind a bit. 

A neighbor offered to give Patrick a load of free wood from a house that was recently torn down nearby, and that sparked both a general wondering about what normally happens to the beautiful lath from these historic homes, along with an idea — not for a business (not yet), but simply an idea to create more furniture using this historic wood. 

Patrick started making more coffee tables for friends and family, and soon after, he began selling them at the Nashville Flea Market. Those coffee tables later expanded into a line of wall art, and that's how the company as it exists today was born. It was Jenny who suggested the name 1767; the number of miles between the couple's new home in Nashville and their shared hometown in Southern California. 

Many of our longest running pieces were created not too long after the company began. We always knew that we'd eventually retire these signature 1767 pieces when the time was right — when it was time to make room for new pieces. As a company, we're always experimenting with new techniques, new designs and new collections, and in order to keep that momentum, we need to retire some of our older designs. 

With that in mind, here's a bit of a backstory about the pieces we're saying goodbye to this weekend.

Our Huntleigh Dawn and Huntleigh Dusk are two elongated triangular-shaped pieces that were a part of our Dusk and Dawn series. They were inspired by Tennessee sunrises and long, lazy sunsets, both that first glimpse and last glimpse of the sun slipping over the horizon. These workhorse pieces have really pulled their weight over the years — over beds, on kitchen shelves, paired together and hung on their own. 

Our Shelby Dawn is a petite piece from that same collection, and one that we've always loved. This was a "starter piece" for many of our customers, and it's prompted lots of friendships both online and IRL. 

Our Donoho was a release from our more recent Cumulus collection. This piece is one that was the most obviously inspired by the clouds in the sky (the inspiration behind the name Cumulus), and we've always been partial to its curved lines, which were a deviation from our usual angular designs. 

We've always incorporated a Southwestern influence into many of our pieces; it's a foundational part of our brand. We kept making our limited release Walker piece for longer than intended because so many of you seemed to love the Southwestern pattern just as much as we do. 

We're so grateful to you guys for supporting our work over the years. As a parting gift, we're offering 10% off each of these pieces this weekend only — and once they're gone, they're gone forever.

Head to our online store to snag a piece of 1767 history. 


*Sale ends at midnight on Sunday, July 5th