At Home With 1767: Volume 1

While we love the process of making our art and furniture in the studio, it's just as important to us to hear about how you guys use and display your 1767 pieces in your own homes. Lately, home has become more important to all of us; we've been spending more time here than we ever have before, and for many of us, our routines have slowed down and become more meaningful. We decided to talk to some of our friends, employees and longtime customers about how they're spending their days at home with 1767. 


Today we're catching up with 1767's content writer, Amy, about how she uses her Oxford Serving Tray at home in Pittsburgh. 


I always wake up at 7 and put on water for coffee right away. I'm definitely not an up-and-at-em kind of person; I like to ease into the day, so I'll bring my coffee back to bed (in my favorite Bombabird mug!) and read for a while before I get to work. 

Since the quarantine started, we've been having fun trying different kinds of coffees and ordering from brands all over the country (we're normally coffee shop people, so it's nice to have a new morning ritual). I lived in Nashville when I first started working for 1767 more than five years ago, so when I miss it, I'll order a bag of coffee from Crema

My dog always stays in bed way longer than I do. Eventually, I'll wake her up and take her out back when I water my little city garden. I'm excited that my tomatoes are finally growing! 

 I'm used to working from home, but I understand why others are having a hard time with it — it's definitely easy to get distracted, and it can be tricky to navigate the home/work balance. I spend the morning at the computer writing and editing, but around lunchtime, I've been enjoying making big spreads to eat outside. It's nice to get out of the A/C, enjoy the abnormally hot Pennsylvania summer and unplug for a bit.

I work for the rest of the afternoon and try not to get too sidetracked by "life things". Working from home, I definitely find it better for my brain when I can completely shut things down by 5 or 6, so that means cutting out distractions.

When my work is done, I like to have a cocktail or a glass of wine and a snack outside. 

I love Madre Mezcal! I usually make a simple Paloma or just mix it straight with juice from a Cara Cara orange.

In the evenings, I might go for a walk in Frick Park or have a socially distant visit with a neighbor, but mostly, I've been kind of enjoying the extra time at home. 

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