Black Lives Matter

For too long, I’ve been quiet in times that I felt that political biases should be left out of a business’s message, but the bottom line is this: the murder of unarmed black Americans at the hands of the police is not a political issue, it is a human rights issue. I don’t want to be quiet about this. I want to hold myself accountable, and to reckon with the times that I was too quiet in the past.

This week, our team participated in protests here in Nashville in support of Black Lives Matter. We were outraged, and we all took our outrage to the streets in demonstration. I fully support and celebrate our team for taking a stand for what they believe in; marching together was educational and allowed me to find the words to finally align my business with this cause.

1767 unequivocally stands behind the Black Lives Matter movement and against police brutality in all cases. The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and so many others before and since are not the result of “a few bad cops” — they are the direct result of systemic racism that is totally engrained both in our American criminal justice system and our government itself. We believe that white supremacy must be dismantled in this country, not only at an individual level, but as it exists in our police departments, educational systems, and local and federal governments.

On an actionable level, we also believe that the four officers who murdered George Floyd must be charged to the highest extent for their crimes. We will support any and all legislation to end police brutality and hold police accountable for these violent actions, rather than protecting them through loopholes in the system. We will donate our own funds toward organizations designed to protect and empower the black community both nationally and here in Nashville, starting with a $1,000 donation to each of these organizations:

-Black Lives Matter Nashville -The Equity Alliance
-Teens for Equality

To speak plainly and be unafraid of denouncing white supremacy is just the beginning. We are so proud of our Nashville community for showing up this week, and we vow to continue to show up for the rest of this fight.