Letter from 1767

Hello - and Happy New Year! 

As we recycle last year’s Moleskine planner and crack open the 2021 version, all of us at 1767 are feeling a mix of relief, hope, and anticipation. There are good things to come this year, for sure. Yet we’re acutely aware of the many ways in which the events of last year – especially the pandemic – will continue to affect us all as we venture forward together. 

Just as nobody was immune to the novel coronavirus, 1767 has not been immune to the financial impacts of the global mess this virus has caused. Our labor, material, and shipping costs have increased significantly. Our slightly higher prices will reflect this reality starting February 1st.

It’s probably interesting to some and beyond boring to others, but the fact is that the market for lumber and other building materials was a bit of a roller coaster ride last year and continues to be so in 2021. At the beginning of the pandemic, construction came to a screeching halt and materials prices dropped. When things started to pick up again, it sort of happened all at once and lumber mills and suppliers were not prepared. Demand up, supply down, you know the rest… 

But 1767, isn’t your lumber salvaged? 

Yes, most of it is. The wood lath that goes into our designs is reclaimed from torn-down homes right here in Nashville. The plywood that serves as a canvas for our art to live on, however, is new and purchased on the regular. As I write this, we find ourselves spending more on raw materials than at any other point in our company’s history. 

But materials and packaging aren’t the only reasons we’re raising the prices on our work. As you know, real human hands are behind each and every piece we create. We are a small business and a small team – not a huge facility mass-producing wooden garbage on machines. Our artisan's hands connect to mothers, sons, fathers, and grandparents who then reach out and support families and lift up communities. It’s imperative to us that we pay our craftspeople a true livable wage so that they can continue to dwell in and draw inspiration from this incredible city that we call home. Our team’s well-being is our number one goal as a company.

We will always be transparent with you. It’s the right thing to do, and we believe it’s good business. Thank you for your continued support of our small business. We’re happy to be on this journey forward together.

-Founder, 1767