Introducing Aberdeen Studio

For years, we made furniture here at 1767. 

We made furniture for clients, then we made built-in furnishings for commercial spaces. Then, a few years later, we started building out full spaces: bars, restaurants, retails storefronts and the like. 

While 1767 started with making wall art, we challenged ourselves to expand our offerings into the furniture and, later, the design-and-build space. And we've loved doing it. This is a direction we always hoped to go in — to be able to collaborate with clients and businesses to build spaces that function well and look beautiful. 

In the past year, we've realized that our design-and-build work started to become its own thing entirely, and something that deserved a name of its own. And so, Aberdeen Studio was born. 

Named after the South Dakota town where founder Patrick's grandmother was born, Aberdeen encapsulates the design-and-build work that 1767 used to do, in a style that's similar, but not exactly the same. While 1767 will always make wall art that is influenced by the Southwestern and Art Deco styles that we loved (and continue to love), Aberdeen is a grown-up expansion of our tastes: the classic American craftsmanship we've come to appreciate from nearly 7 years in Tennessee, a bit of Japanese influence from a life-changing trip two winters back, and a whole lot of experimentation and learning perfected over many years in the woodshop with 1767. 

1767 will move away from building out residential and commercial spaces, and Aberdeen will take over that part of the business — a part that, in retrospect, has always deserved a lane of its own. We are so grateful to embark on this new chapter with you.

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