Introducing Candles by 1767

Some of you may remember that a few years ago, we made a small run of 1767 candles. We made them ourselves, in our own kitchen, experimenting with scents and meticulously pouring wax into jars in the evenings, leaving the days free for making our wall art. Once the furniture and construction side of our business started taking off, the candles became too time-consuming and fell by the wayside — though we always wished we could revisit them someday in the future. Late last year, we started quietly developing a new 1767 candle collection (with a whole lot more help than the first time around).
We developed three distinct scents that we love and use every day, even in our own home. Our house here in Nashville is our respite from the rest of the world; it's a place for rest, for gathering with friends and for making some of our biggest decisions when it comes to 1767. We wanted to create a candle for each of those different moods, and that's how we came up with our Sandalwood, Oakmoss + Amber and Cedar + Saffron scents. 
Oakmoss + Amber is what we'd likely consider our mainstay scent. With notes of oakmoss and amber at the forefront and a nice balance of bright, zesty orange and warm musk in the background, it's is the one you’ll want to light on a daily basis.
When we’re stirring a stiff cocktail and looking for a bit of an escape, we reach for Cedar + Saffron. This guy mixes woodsy cedar and deep, spicy saffron with the familiar scents of patchouli, sandalwood and musk on the back end to create a stronger scent that feels like its own little trip. 
The softest, most relaxing scent of the three is our Sandalwood. Like a new take on a comfortable favorite, it balances the warm, powdery smell of sandalwood with amber, coriander and musk, creating the perfect scent for a chill evening in or getting into the creative zone.
Our candles are designed to burn individually or as a trio, so we also created a Candle Bundle of all three scents. This makes a great gift or an easy way to stock up on candles for your own home, and it saves you about 15% when you buy a three-pack.
Like our wooden wall art, 1767 candles are made slowly and locally, in scents very much inspired by nature. Even the amber-colored jars and the labels were chosen with care, designed in a way that we hope will make you proud to display them in your home. 
To shop 1767 candles, head to our online store. We thank you for your continued support with each new product we release, and we hope you'll love this collection as much as we do.