Our Favorite Things: February 2020

It's been a minute since we've posted a Favorite Things round-up, but we're back and overflowing with inspiration from all over the place: magazines, websites, other brands, you name it. Winter often seems long and draining, but we're determined to get through it (without getting down) by staying busy, supporting our people and planning for big, exciting things ahead. 

If you're looking for some inspiration to keep you going 'til springtime, here's everything we're loving and learning from right now. 

Image: @houseinhabit

Inspiring renovation ideas from House in Habit. We love following Jessica Kraus and her family on Instagram. Their DIY renovations are seriously next level, and the finished product is one of the most uniquely stunning homes we've found on IG. 

Natural wines at Lou. We were fortunate enough to help design the space over at Lou here in Nashville, and now that it's open, it's become one of our favorite dinner spots. While the food is always perfect, we're even more into discovering new natural wines each time we visit. 

Planning for our store-studio in East Nashville. That's right — we're moving our studio back to the East side, with some still-sorta-secret plans for a storefront in the works. Keep your ear to the ground in the coming months for more news. 

Rugs from Morrow Soft Goods. We'll always love Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs and perfectly worn Turkish textiles, but lately, we've been on the hunt for new rugs that are a bit simpler, more minimal, but with great colors and just the right amount of texture. This collection from Morrow Soft Goods hits all the right notes. 

Vacationing in a cave. Here's a weird one: modern, design-forward vacation rentals inside actual caves. If you're thinking it sounds kinda gross, wait until you see the surprisingly cozy, beautiful photos.