Our Favorite Things: September 2020

So many of our friends have been referring to this summer as "the lost summer." 

While it's easy to fall into a bit of a funk every year around this time — when the days get shorter, mornings get cooler, and you start to wonder why you never made it to the beach or out to the mountains — this year has been a hell of a lot harder than most. 

We're right there with you, but no matter how tough things get, we're also eternal optimists. We had a lot to be thankful for this summer: drinks with smaller, closer groups of friends were even more meaningful, days in the woodshop kept us busy and grounded, and every sale we made felt like the early days, when we weren't sure if this whole woodworking thing was going to pan out.

We're really, really thankful that it did. 

Here's a round-up of our favorite things we saw online and IRL recently — hopefully they'll make the transition into fall a little more enjoyable. 

Thaddeus Mosley. In the spirit of woodworking, we'd like to spotlight Thaddeus Mosley, a Pittsburgh sculptor who works almost entirely in wood. Thad's sculptures are larger-than-life, simple yet impactful, and endlessly inspiring to us at 1767. Oh — and did we mention he's 95-years-old? 

Camp cooking. There are all kinds of articles you can read about how Americans got obsessed with camping this year (and for good reason). Whether you're a recent camping convert or a longtime camper, we think everyone can agree that camp cooking is the best. To get inspired, check out Keith Titanium's high quality outdoor cooking gear; a beautiful camp cookbook like Feast by Firelight by Emma Frisch; or follow the owners of Tenzo, a Los Angeles-based home goods store, on Instagram for beautiful and simple camp recipes and videos.

My Octopus Teacher. We can't wait to watch this Netflix documentary, which follows the life-changing friendship between a filmmaker and an octopus in the ocean outside of Cape Town, South Africa. 

Lolly Lolly Ceramics. We just recently discovered Lalese Stamps and her ceramics brand, Lolly Lolly. Her incredible 100 Day Project highlighted a different matte black mug each day for 100 days, and the creativity and dedication that went into the project made the end result truly amazing. 

Registering to vote. After a heartbreaking year for our country, we're more aware than ever that it's so incredibly important to vote. If you haven't already registered or if you're uncertain about your registration status, visit vote.gov to find out how to register or to access voting resources for your area. 


Image: Thaddeus Mosley