Nashville Tornado Relief Efforts

As you've certainly seen by now, our city suffered an incredible amount of loss due to a large tornado earlier this week. Many of the homes and businesses in Nashville were damaged or completely destroyed, and many lives were lost. We're still in shock and trying to come to terms with how this could happen to our community, but even through the darkest days, we've seen our friends and neighbors come together in incredible, unimaginable ways to help those who lost everything.
Our amazing team here at 1767 spent the days since the tornado volunteering to clear away debris and attempt to secure some shelter for our neighbors in East Nashville. No matter how much we do, it will never feel like enough — but in spite of our complicated feelings, we're full of so much love for our community and feeling so thankful to be surrounded by such generosity.
If you'd like to help, no matter how far you are, we'd love to share some resources and organizations that are accepting donations and volunteers for Nashville tornado relief. 

For donations:
For local volunteer opportunities:
To help small, local businesses: