(Re)Introducing Freestyle Fridays

If you've followed our company for a while, you've likely seen us mention Freestyle Friday before. This is a series we did that featured a one-of-a-kind piece designed and built by one of our artists for sale every Friday. We'd debut the piece on Instagram, and the first person to DM us would get to purchase it for their home. It was fun for a few reasons: it allowed our woodworkers to get creative, it gave them a platform to talk about what inspired their work, and it offered our customers a way to own a one-of-a-kind 1767 piece. 
We've always loved Freestyle Friday, so we're bringing it back with expanded offerings. To kick things off, we'll be releasing not one, but three pieces every Friday for the next few weeks. These one-off pieces are 1767 prototypes, experiments with new designs, attempts at new techniques... they were basically born from pushing our creativity, which yielded the one-of-a-kind pieces you'll be seeing. 
Here's how things will work:
1. We'll release our Freestyle Friday picks on Instagram every Friday.
2. If you'd like to purchase one of the pieces you see, you'll head to our online store (they'll always live on the last page, and they'll be marked "Freestyle Friday").
3. These always go fast, so if you don't snag the one you want, you can always try again on a new piece the following week! 
Keep an eye on the 1767 Instagram every Friday for your chance to snag a Freestyle Friday piece of your own. If you have questions about these pieces (or anything else!), reach out at hello@1767designs.com